A job provides citizens with a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed each morning. Without one, depression can set in and lead to a variety of other maladies. Getting arrested for a DUI is one way that a person can put their job status into immediate danger without actually slacking off at work. Wondering if your DUI arrest is going to endanger your employment status? You should.


A DUI attorney can help you keep your job, but hiring one is not a guarantee that you will. Procuring a DUI attorney ensures that increase the odds that your job is not taken away from you. However, there are aspects of your job status that can be out of a DUI attorney’s control.


A major piece of this puzzle is your employment contract. Typically, employees at a place of work are required to sign contracts upon being hired. The language of your specific contract determines the employer’s ability to terminate you. A DUI attorney takes the time to fully analyze your contract and see what the employer’s rights are as far as letting you go for a DUI.


If your contract explicitly states that you can be fired for a DUI, then you have very little legal recourse. When there is no such language in a contract, or a more vaguely defined set of parameters, then an employee has the legal wiggle room to fight for their rights.


Your status at your place of employment is also pivotal. When an employee has a reputation for late arrivals, poor work ethic and lack of motivation, then their superiors are able to use these factors as a reason for termination. The higher esteem you are held in by your superiors, the more likely you are to survive a DUI with your job still intact.


A defendant whose employers speak out on their behalf is usually able to retain their employment. But, certain jobs take place in a more public setting, where customers or clients are aware that the person has recently been arrested for a DUI.


When your job duties require interaction with the public sector, or they entail the use of a company vehicle, these are factors beyond a DUI attorney’s control. If your employer cannot afford the hike in their insurance rate that comes with allowing you to continue driving company property, their hands may be tied.


A DUI attorney can help you keep your job, but clients must be forewarned that this is not a guarantee. Be sure to carefully review your employment contract and if you are unable to understand it, then schedule a consultation. Your job is your livelihood, your way of supporting your loved ones. Doing everything possible to keep should be your first priority.